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naff /naf/
(adj) to be stupid, lame or unpalatable.

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finally a bandaid product for me
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"Missing you comes in waves. Tonight I’m drowning."
Hannah Taylor (via iheartbakonvodka)
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this is my dream

It’s emperor kuzko looking at the hill to build his summer palace
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Anonymous said: No one ever said this path was going to be easy did they? Haha

I mean obviously but no one expects to be hit by a motorcycle either

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Anonymous said: I wish I could give you straightforward answer, but that's a question that we will struggle wth our entire lives. But God is in inherently good. That is a rock solid fact. Bad things happen because there is sin in the world.

Yeah I’ve heard that countless times but it’s still hard to understand yknow?

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Anonymous said: It's because god is cruel and enjoys those who suffer to suffer more.

I appreciate your optimism!!!!

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One of my students and her boyfriend got hit by a motorcyclist at full speed a few hours ago. They probably should have died, but they are alive and will be back at camp tomorrow evening.

Everyone who prayed thanked God for not so severe injuries, but why did this accident have to happen in the first place? What would they have thanked for if they both died?? Sure, it’s a miracle that they lived and are well enough to leave the hospital tonight, but was this accident necessary for God to show us a miracle? Why do miracles have to come from pain and misery? Why not turn something good into something greater? My student had heart disease and is deaf in both ears and He chose HER to run over??? I don’t get it. I really don’t understand.

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if you guys don’t want a cat skydiving on your blog i’m judging you

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lol i promised everyone in my biology class that i would bring them doughnuts if they wore red shirts on tuesday but im just going to get the school officer to come down and talk to them about gang affiliation

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Is it wrong to be annoyed at an hour long prayer?
Is it wrong to advertise for a faith that I’m not even sure of?
Is it wrong to sympathize with the students of an English camp that suddenly tries to convert people without any warning??
Is it wrong????

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united steaks of america